It's quite handy to create point in time copies of storage for a server or set of servers and XtremIO makes it really easy, especially via the CLI. Here's a short list of commands you can use to do just that, leveraging consistency groups and tags. Tags are a very powerful feature and make managing various object types super easy.

As some prerequisites you'll need to create a consistency group and assign luns to it. These could be all the luns which comprise a database system as example. For this exercise, we'll assume the CG is called XTREMIO_CG. Also note when you execute the create-snapshot command, it's important to place the database in write suspend or backup mode to ensure you have a recoverable copy on the target snap.

The first command we'll run creates the initial snapshot with all target luns having a suffix of .SNAPSHOT. Use whatever makes the most sense for you. The first snapshot set name is not super critical. You may not even want to put the DB in backup mode for this step. We are just establishing a snapshot relationship and subsequent snapshots will replace this name. We create this snapshot as type regular since we want it to be mounted by another host for use (rd/wr) afterwards.

create-snapshot snap-suffix="SNAPSHOT" \
consistency-group-id="XTREMIO_CG" snapshot-type="regular" \

Now we create a SnapShotSet tag and assign it to our XTREMIO_INITIAL_SSS snapshotset.


create-tag entity=SnapshotSet tag-name="XTREMIO_SSS_TAG"


tag-object entity=SnapshotSet entity-details="XTREMIO_INITIAL_SSS" \

Finally, we run the following snapshot command with our newly created tag and SnapShotSet. At this point you do want to have the database quickly placed in backup mode for the execution of this command. Also, since we don't need additional/previous snap copies, we'll use the no-backup option. Immediately after execution of this command you can take the database out of backup mode.

create-snapshot-and-reassign from-consistency-group-id="XTREMIO_CG" \
to-snapshot-set-tag-id="/SnapshotSet/XTREMIO_SSS_TAG" \
no-backup snapshot-set-name="SOME_MEANINGFUL_NAME_HERE"

With just 4 command, the snapshot luns are now ready to be masked to another host for use as necessary.


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